The indie studio that makes AWESOME games that you don't need to download!

About is a small indie game studio located in Denmark, we make games that doesn't require downloads with quality as one that should! was established in 2016 but in 2017 our game were discovered by a YouTuber while still in early development, the game were then optimized for the huge interest and mostly kept as it was, until 2018 where it got a major overhaul known as 2.0

Core Values


Gameplay is one of the most important values as it is the essential value for making awesome games that are playable for years.
On that note, nothing can break a game more than a bug or cheaters, in that case we fix and fight these to keep the quality of our games


We aim to make fun and epic moments for our players through our games, and we will do our best to keep on delivering by coming up with new content and features and listening to your ideas to further improve the experience


Nothing is more frustrating than when you need to get in touch with support for a game, that it takes weeks for a response or getting auto generated messages...
We have made it easy to get in touch with us through Discord even the development team is there!
Besides support the community is there, and the developers might even join in!


  • Nicolai 'bQvle' Mortensen
    Lead Developer

  • Martin 'coopinc' Mortensen
    Product Owner

  • Niclas 'Fashdey' Andersen

Games is our first game in production, currently there's an early version available, while we develop the next major version (Known as 2.0), which will include several features e.g. Tank-Tree, Inventory, New Abilities,
New Maps(10+) and much more!

Both versions are Free to Play, if you want sneak peeks for v2.0 visit
our channels


Feel free to drop by our channels and say Hi!